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At Maghreb Frontiers, we are convinced that volunteer based organizations are synonym of the advancement of the human kind. They represent the essence of what the human community is all about.
Whether faith based, community focused, or business oriented, non-profit organizations are purpose driven. They start from an idea and feed on volunteerism until it is realized that a different approach is necessary to grow, achieve objectives with a wider reach, involving more people, and engaging more resources. The Maghreb is no exception.

Maghreb Frontiers is proud of its involvement in non-profit work. Some of the services are:

Strategic Planning: The most essential step to ensure a successful undertaking, ideally, carried out at the start of activities. Strategic planning consists of a collective brainstorming process using a progressive approach to define the mission of an organization, its objective. Throughout the process, a vision of the organization is formulated. Given the necessary time and resources, Maghreb Frontiers will design and implement a complete road map to building the organization's structures (board, staff, General Assembly or annual meeting), define the rules of engagement for everyone (Bylaws), its program elements (activities, services committees), and decide on an association model (membership based or think tank). The Strategic Plan will define in detail all activities (location, frequency, program), communication tools (website and online tools, newsletter, PR campaigns), fundraising options, and services to be provided.

Board Development: It is one of the most crucial processes that usually decide the future of an organization, its effectiveness, and most importantly ensuring a healthy, productive, and enjoyable environment allowing the association and its people to thrive. Maghreb Frontiers strongly recommends that this process is undertaken at an early stage. Board Development consists of defining board member qualifications required, their tasks, defining necessary functions/roles assigning titles as well as detailing task descriptions. Board Development, undertaken at a later stage must take care of the prior history while going through the same process. Establishing a tradition to regularly involve board members in the planning process is crucial. Whenever necessary, board members can be required to undergo special training in order to succeed their function.

Event Planning and Conference Management: Although most associations become well versed in event planning and organization, some help is needed either at the early stage of development, or whenever such events become a daunting task that is both complex and requiring larger resources. Maghreb Frontiers can certainly help international organization planning the organization

Training and Applied Training: Virtually a constant component in any association, regardless of its purpose, training is either a service delivered by the association, or one of its needs. In either cases, Maghreb Frontiers is able to help develop single programs addressing specific needs, or help make training one of the association's main services growing into a training centre. The Maghreb Frontiers approach leads to achieving the desired results through planning and development as well as building local and international partnerships thus enabling the association to deliver high quality training and exceeding its leadership, members' and trainees' expectations.

Program Development: Associations do take on huge tasks that multiply within a single program. Maghreb Frontiers' experts can turn what seems to be an impossible program to undertake look extremely easy through simple planning and networking processes. Other challenges can be organizing a program in an unfamiliar location or without having the necessary resources. At any stage Maghreb Frontiers can help identify needs and achieve results.

International Development: Whether starting a new organization, building regional presence, or simply needing assistance with a specific task in a different country, Maghreb Frontiers can partner to realize the objective set. Maghreb Frontiers is mostly interested in Magherb related association building or any bilateral organization development.

Fundraising: Perhaps the most determining element and most crucial to succeeding an association mission or achieving a wide ranging impact. At Maghreb Frontiers, we are convinced that if there is a purpose, fundraising is possible. Working with the association staff and leadership, fundraising targets are set and realized. Whenever necessary, the mission and objectives are revisited sometimes adjusting the plan of action of the organization.

Conflict Resolution: Associations are often faced with the unfortunate reality of conflict. Whether internal or external, Maghreb Frontiers will work with the leadership to define the proper actions to take to bring the association back on track.
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